Throw a sweet 16 party for your big teenage girl

Published: 09th August 2010
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July 30, 2010 Written by: Tyna Lewis

Kids grow up so fast, don't they? When you're the parent of a teenager, it can seem like only yesterday they were a bundle of joy resting comfortably in your arms. Now, you've got a nearly full-grown adult on your hands - someone who would rather spend time with their pals and talk on the phone for eons before hanging out with dear ol' mom and dad.

Of course, there's nothing like a birthday to remind our children how much we still love and adore them. And, if you have a girl whose about to turn 16, why not make her feel extra special by planning an unforgettable sweet 16 party? Your daughter may want to spend the evening giggling with their closest gal pals or cutting a rug on the dance floor, but you can guarantee deep down inside, she will know you how much you care about her.

First, pick out some fabulous sweet 16 invitations. These can be trendy, cute or simple - the key is to ask your daughter what she likes and go from there.

For example, if you've got a trendsetter on your hands, why not make these funky and fun? Pink, black and yellow invitations inscribed with a modern-style font are bound to have teenyboppers excited for the event as soon as they open their mail.

Also, don't be afraid to be inspired by a particular theme. If your little girl loves music, try to find invites with a treble clef or photos of guitars on them. Believe it or not, she's going to appreciate the details.

Next, coordinate some fabulous sweet 16 decorations. These should be pretty easy to uncover, as turning 16 is a milestone.

For starters, don't forget to include one important little detail - balloons! You simply cannot have an unforgettable birthday bash without them, and it's important to fill the entire room with this inflatable accessory. Also, make sure you choose ones that boast your daughter's new age on them.

Finally, try to find some incredible birthday party supplies. These are the little extra details that are needed to take a shindig to a new and exciting dimension.

Again, don't shy away from the number 16. Your little girl is probably super-excited about turning a year older, so you want to remind her that she's matured and has your blessing. Do your best to find paper cups, plates and napkins that are adorned with this special detail.

Turning 16 is a wonderful experience for both girls and guys, but it's especially important for our daughters. The year signifies that your little sweetheart has blossomed and is about to enter adulthood. Because of this, you want to make sure she has an extremely special party and remembers the event for the rest of her life. When all is said and done, remember - 16 candles really do make a lovely night.

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